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Shinx: Bringing Clients Together at Cosford Air Show

Shinx are excited to be involved with the development and launch of the The Whittle STEM Innovation Hub at RAF Cosford, as part of the International RAF Cosford airshow. The hub, along with Aviation Skills Partnership, aims to educate, encourage young people to pursue careers in aviation, space, and aerospace.

At the air show, ASP will be showcasing their Skills Zones, which are part of their industry-leading International Aviation Academies. Shinx are working closely with ASP to create material and technology that will help ensure that they can inspire and educate the next generation of aviation professionals.

In an exciting UK first, the technology on show will include 360° live streaming. Attendees can download the Shinx-managed Youth Aviation app (available now for free on IOS & Android) allowing them to see the 360° live stream from the AeroSPARX GROB109B as it taxis out, takes-off, and entertains the crowds. This is a first in the UK, and the app can be used to stream content LIVE from all over the world. They will also be live-streaming video from a high-altitude balloon that will be going to the edge of space.

The biggest challenge in developing this experience was getting a fast and reliable internet connection capable of streaming video from an airborne plane. Shinx clients XCommNet were able to solve this; their internet bonding service provides a portable and remarkably high quality internet connection. The technology is complex, but the idea is simple: they take all the available internet connections and combine them to create the best signal possible. The sky is no longer the limit for broadband.

Other technology on show will include augmented and virtual reality. This will showcase the kind of innovative new technology that the hub will use to inspire and educate young people.

We’re thrilled to be supporting this unique opportunity for the aviation industry to reach out to the next generation.